Readout ASICs for DEPFET - collaborations and results

Photograph of the DCDBv2 chip.
Photograph of the SWITCHERB18 chip.

Since 2009 DEPFET has the first application in the field of particle physics - the pixel vertex detector of Belle II experiment (SuperKEKB B-factory at KEK, Japan). The project is conducted in a large international collaboration. The main task of our group is the design of the two central readout and control ASICs - DCD and SWITCHER. The development of the ASICs for Belle II DEPFET detector has been supported by BMBF since 2008. In the first stage of the project, have designed nearly-production versions of the readout chips DCD and SWITCHER. The results of the ASIC development for Belle II have been presented three reviewed- and several proceeding papers and international conference talks.

Publication list

  • Development, characterization and operation of the DCDB, the front-end readout chip for the pixel vertex detector of the future BELLE-II experiment
    PhD thesis
    Jochen Knopf
  • DCD - the Multi-Channel Current-Mode ADC Chip for the Readout of DEPFET Pixel Detectors
    I. Peric, T. Armbruster, P. Fischer, Ch. Kreidl, M. Koch
    IEEE TNS, Volume 57, Issue 2, April 2010, Pages 743 - 753
  • DCDB and SWITCHERB, the Readout ASICs for Belle II DEPFET Pixel Detector
    I. Peric, P. Fischer, J. Knopf, T. H. H. Nguyen
    Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, N31-5, pp. 1536-1539 (2011)
  • A 256 channel 8-Bit current digitizer ASIC for the Belle-II PXD
    J Knopf, P Fischer, C Kreidl and I Peric
    JINST 6, C01085 (2011)

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