Pixel-readout chips

Photograph of the CIC1 chip.

Design of the pixel-readout chips for hybrid pixel detectors either CCPDs or the bump-bonded-ones is an important task in our group. An example of a readout chip developed in our group is CIC1 - a multi purpose pixel-chip for the readout of the high resistive sensors. The chip contains a novel pixel electronics and has the capability of simultaneous photon counting and measuring of signal energy.

CIC1 features a very high and linear analog dynamic range of 118dB, a high photon counting rate about 17MHz) and a pixel size of 120x120 micrometers. The chip can be applied both for the readout of silicon sensors (fluorescence light sensor for biology applications, x-ray sensor for diffraction x-ray imaging) and for the readout of Cd(Zn)Te sensors (x-ray detection and synchrotron light experiments). The development has been conducted within the ViroQuant project. The goal was the design of a pixel array for a multi-focal microscope for cell-studies.

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