Pixel-readout chips - Results

Photograph of the CIC1 chip. (click to enlarge)
The dynamic range of the integrator, calculated as the maximal signal range divided by the noise floor, is 118dB for 2.5ms measurement time. (click to enlarge)

The development of the pixel-readout chips has been conducted in collaboration with University of Bonn and within the ViroQuant project.

Among others, we have designed a multi purpose chip CIC1 that features a very high and linear dynamic range of 118dB, a high photon counting rate (about 17MHz) and a pixel size of 120 x 120 micrometers. The chip can be applied both for the readout of silicon sensors (fluorescence light sensor for biology applications, x-ray sensor for diffraction x-ray imaging) and for the readout of Cd(Zn)Te sensors (x-ray detection and synchrotron light experiments).

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