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The smart diode array - chips for LHC experiments

Photograph of the HV2FEI4 chip in 180nm AMS HV-technology.
CCPD readout - the principle.
Strip-like readout - the principle.
Photograph of the HVCMOS sensor glued onto the FEI4 chip. The first particles have been detected.


SDA/CCPD detectors represents an interesting option for sLHC upgrades or CLIC detector readout. SDA technology is interesting because of its high radiation tolerance and low cost. The CCPD technology allows to fully exploit the advantages of SDA detectors offer while being able to use the existing readout ICs that enable complex pixel signal processing. HV2FEI4 is the SDA/CCPD detector prototype that can be readout by the new ATLAS pixel readout chip FEI4. HV2FEI4 is implemented in the AMS 180 nm high-voltage CMOS process. The pixel pitch is 33 x 125 micrometers - thee times smaller than in the standard ATLAS sensor. A group of three detector pixels is coupled to one FE-I4 pixel readout channel. The contacts between the detector- and the readout chip can be established either capacitively or by the classical bump-bonding. A strip-like readout is also possible.


First capacitively coupled hybrid detector module with FEI2FEI4 and FE-I4 has been built. First particles have been detected.

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