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The smart diode array - chips for Mu3e exepriment

Photograph of the MuPixel2 chip in 180nm AMS HV-technology.
In-time efficiency of the MuPixel matrix - detection of the signals above 1000e is possible with the time resolution better than 40ns.


We have designed so far three sensor prototypes for the Mu3e experiment (at PSI) in AMS 180nm HV-technology. We have proposed the following relatively conservative structure: The sensor pixels contain only charge sensitive amplifiers. The amplifier output signals are transferred to the mostly-digital readout cells at the chip periphery. The layout area of one readout cell is by factor of 20 smaller than the pixel area (80 x 80 micrometers).


The chips MuPixel1 and 2 have been successfully tested. The detection of the particle signals is possible with very good time resolution (better than 40ns). A larger prototype - MuPixel3 is in the production.

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