SOI - collaborations and results

The dynamic range for a measurement time of 1 microsecond is 10000.

The development of SOI detectors was supported by LS Peter Fischer and by the institute KEK. We have designed two high-dynamic-range pixel sensors in SOI technology. The sensors have a frame rate of 1MHz and a linear dynamic range of 10000. The results of the SOI development have been presented in one proceeding paper/international conference talk.

Publication list

  • Charakterisierung eines SOI Pixelchips
    Diploma thesis

    Felix Mandl
  • Monolithic SOI Pixel Detector for x-Ray Imaging Applications with high Dynamic Range and MHz Frame-Rate
    I. Peric, F. Mandl
    Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, N21.2, pp. 1051-1056 (2011)

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