Lecture and Tutorial Tools in Winter Term 17/18

This coarse presents usefull tools (mostly software) for an efficient scientific work. It is rewarded with 4 Credit Points (CP) in 'soft skill' ('übergreifende Kompetenzen'). These CPs are accredited in the MSc TI and in physics. In other faculties, please consult the respective study office. The CPs are given for a regular, active participation in lecture and exercise. Attendance is therefore checked by a list. At most two absents without excuse are allowed. Illness must be justified with an Attest. The two possible absentions can be used to skip the course for topics which are already known. Further absentions cannot be granted. For each subject, exercises must be carried out during the lecture, completion is checked by the lecturer. (There are no more mandatory homework.)

Important Information

The number of participants is restricted to 30 due to limited PC seats available in the CIP pool. Students of MScTI have priority because this is a compulsory module for them. The remaining seats are therefore distributed according to registration order. I ask ALL students (also MScTI!) to register via email after 01.10.2017. Thanks!
  • 20.10.2016 - 02.02.2017 (last Friday dropped due to examination week)
  • Lecture + Tutorial: Friday, 9:15-10:45 and 11:00-12:30
  • Location: INF 226 (Physikalisches Institut), CIP Pool (Raum 01.305)
  • Language: German
  • To login on the CIP pool machines you just need your normal student account. Problems may be cause by the AFS-Server of the computer center URZ. If you have problems to log in, ask at URZ that your AFS account is ok!
  • Remote access to the CIP pools is decribed here.


When ? What ? Who ? Where ?
20.10. Introduction, Linux Krieger/SuS CIP Pool PI
27.10. Versionsverwaltung mit GitKrieger/SuS CIP Pool PI
3.11. gnuplot Ritzert/SuS CIP Pool PI
10.11. ROOT Ritzert/SuS CIP Pool PI
17.11. Mathematica 1 Fischer/SuS CIP Pool PI
24.11. Mathematica 2 Fischer/SuS CIP Pool PI
1.12. Teams & Projekte 1 Kugel/SuS,ASC CIP Pool PI
8.12. Teams & Projekte 2 Kugel/SuS,ASC CIP Pool PI
15.12. PovRay / SCAD Fischer/SuS CIP Pool PI
22.12. PostScript, pdf Fischer/SuS CIP Pool PI
29.12.–05.01. Christmas break
12.01. Einführung in Python Krieger/SuS CIP Pool PI
19.01. Wissenschaftliches Schreiben / Präsentieren Geppert/ZITI INF 306, SR 19
26.01. Recherche & Co. J. Apel (UB) CIP Pool PI
2.02. Office Tools, 'Giving a Talk' Fischer/SuS CIP Pool PI

Einführung (Peter Fischer, LS SuS)

Einführung in Linux (Michael Krieger, LS SuS)

Versionsverwaltung mit Git (Michael Krieger, LS SuS)

gnuplot, ROOT (Michael Ritzert, LS SuS)

Mathematica (Peter Fischer, LS SuS)

Project Organization (Andreas Kugel, ZITI)

POV-Ray (Peter Fischer, LS SuS)

PostScript and pdf (Peter Fischer, LS SuS)

Einführung in Python (Michael Krieger, LS SuS)

Writing & Presentation (Dina Geppert, ZITI)

Recherche (Jochen Apel, UB Heidelberg)

  • Recherche in Mathematik und Informatik: Folien
  • Open Access Folien

Office Tools (P. Fischer, ZITI)