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by Blanquart L., Richardson J., Einsweiler K., Fischer P., Mandelli E., Meddeler G. and Peric I.
FE-I2: a front-end readout chip designed in a commercial $ 0.25 \mu {}m $ process for the ATLAS pixel detector at LHC (Blanquart L., et al.), In Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on, volume 51, 2004.
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                 sensor;ionizing radiation dose;leakage current
                 compensation;leakage current monitoring circuit;linear
                 regulator;long term overvoltage protection;multichip
                 module;pixel element dimension;power-on
                 reset;preamplifier-kill;radiation tolerance;readout
                 technique;single-event-upset-tolerant DAC;slow control
                 data;wired-hit-Or; Automatic control;Automatic logic
                 Hadron Collider;Particle accelerators",
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