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Publikationen P.Fischer & Arbeitsgruppe

by Fischer P., Peric I, Ritzert M. and Solf T.
Multi-Channel Readout ASIC for ToF-PET (Fischer P., et al.), In Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 2006. IEEE, volume 4, 2006.
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                 scintillation signal amplitude;PET scintillation signal
                 arrival time;ToF-PET;coincidence time
                 resolution;multichannel chip;multichannel readout
                 ASIC;on-chip charge
                 integrator;photomultipliers;prototype chip;Application
                 specific integrated circuits;Crystals;Energy
                 resolution;Photomultipliers;Positron emission
                 tomography;Prototypes;Semiconductor device
                 measurement;Signal resolution;Testing;Time

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