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Publikationen P.Fischer & Arbeitsgruppe

by Fiorini A. Gand C., Erdinger G. Uand F. and Porro P. Fand M.
Charge Sensitive Amplifier With Offset-Compensated V-to-I Converter for the Mini-SDD-Based DSSC Detector (Fiorini A. Gand C., et al.), In IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, volume 66, 2019.
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                 charge;self-canceling solution;single-photon
                 sensitivity;input dynamic range;readout chain;simple
                 V-to-I converter stage;CSA solution;conventional
                 CSA;mini-SDD array;DEPFET detector strategy;photon
                 energy;image frame rate;European X-ray free electron
                 laser GmbH;photon science applications;signal
                 compression detector;DEPleted Field-Effect Transistor
                 sensor;mini-silicon drift detector pixel
                 sensors;mini-SDD-based DSSC detector;charge sensitive
                 amplifier;frequency 4.5 MHz;electron volt energy 1.0
                 range;Charge preamplifiers;free electron lasers
                 (FELs);low-noise amplifiers;silicon radiation
  doi =          "10.1109/TNS.2019.2939198",
  ISSN =         "1558-1578",
  month =        oct,

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