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Publikationen P.Fischer & Arbeitsgruppe

by Thil C., Baron A. Q. R., Dautet H., Davies M., Fajardo P., Fischer P., Göttlicher P., Graafsma H., Hervé C. and Rüffer R.
The APA pixel readout ASIC for an APD based fast 2D X-ray hybrid pixel detector (Thil C., et al.), In Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), 2012 IEEE, 2012.
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                 prototypes;XNAP project;electron volt energy 14.4
                 keV;electron volt energy 5.9 keV;electron volt energy 8
                 keV;energy selectivity;fast 2D X-ray hybrid pixel
                 detector;fast device elements;fast device linear
                 arrays;mixed-signal ASIC;position resolution;silicon
                 avalanche photodiodes",

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