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If you want to access any file listed here, just ask kor the password -- Tim Armbruster

Setup 002: SPADIC v0.3, Front-End PCB Rev 3, Susibo 2.x

Second SPADIC v0.3 setup. This setup will be used during the CBM testbeam 2011 @ CERN (video, ext. link)
Denotation of the front-end boards: ``XX-YY-ZZZ'', where XX is the bonding location, YY is the assembly location and ZZZ an ascending number (XX and YY are the licence numbers of the according cities).
Example: If the 4th board was bonded in Mannheim and assembled in M√ľnster, it is called ``MA-MS-004''. (board list, ext. link)



Fabrication and Assembly


Setup 001: SPADIC v0.3, Front-End PCB Rev.2, Susibo Rev.2

First official setup. This setup has been used during the CBM testbeam at CERN in November 2010 (video, ext. link)


SPADIC Software: Configuration, Readout and Online-Monitoring

  • Software v003 (03/2011)
    IO-Lib + stand-alone Hitclient only. Hitclient can now also configurate - Kute not further needed.
  • Software v002 (12/2010)
    Hitclient update (histogram recorder, online FFT diagnosis), Hitclient uses now the Susibo LCD (Firmware >= v002 required), last value of last channel now fixed, minor improvements
  • Software v001 (10/2010)
    Initial version, used during testbeam at CERN

Firmware for Susibo Rev.2