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Publikationen P. Fischer & Arbeitsgruppe

[3]Determination of $|V_{ub}|$ from untagged $B^0\toπ^- \ell^+ ν_{\ell}$ decays using 2019-2021 Belle II data (), . [bibtex] [doi]
[2]Reconstruction of $B \to ρ\ell ν_\ell$ decays identified using hadronic decays of the recoil $B$ meson in 2019 – 2021 Belle II data (), . [bibtex] [doi]
[1]Measurement of the $B^{0} \rightarrow D^{*-} \ell^{+} ν_{\ell}$ branching ratio and $|V_{cb}|$ with a fully reconstructed accompanying $B$ meson in 2019-2021 Belle II data (), . [bibtex] [doi]

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