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Publikationen P. Fischer & Arbeitsgruppe

by Treis J., Fischer P., Halker O., Harter M., Herrmann S., Kohrs R., Krüger H., Lechner P., Lutz G., Perić I., Porro M., Richter R. H., Struder L., Trimpl M. and Wermes N.
DEPMOSFET Active Pixel Sensor Prototypes for the XEUS Wide Field Imager (Treis J., et al.), In Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on, volume 52, 2005.
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                 pixel sensor prototypes;MPI semiconductor
                 laboratory;SWITCHER type IC;X-ray astronomy;X-ray
                 evolving universe spectroscopy;XEUS wide field
                 imager;charge amplifier multiplexer;charge collection
                 efficiency;control IC;data acquisition system;depleted
                 P-channel MOSFET;fast readout speed;first prototype
                 production;front-end IC;high energy resolution;high
                 voltage CMOS technology;highly flexible readout
                 modes;key performance parameters;large area imaging;low
                 power consumption;noise;one single matrix
                 row;performance characterization;random
                 accessibility;spectral resolution;spectroscopy
                 detector;CMOS technology;Data
                 acquisition;High-resolution imaging;Image
                 circuits;Multiplexing;Optical imaging;Pixel;
                 Prototypes;Active pixel sensor (APS);DEPFET;X-ray;X-ray
                 evolving universe spectroscopy (XEUS);data acquisition
  DOI =          "10.1109/TNS.2005.852673",
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