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Publikationen P. Fischer & Arbeitsgruppe

by Kohrs R., Andricek L., Fischer P., Harter M., Karagounis M., Krüger H., Lutz G., Moser H. G., Perić I., Porro M., Reuen L., Richter R. H., Sandow C., Struder L., Trimpl M. and Wermes N.
Development of a Prototype Module for a DEPFET Pixel Vertex Detector for a Linear Collider (Kohrs R., et al.), In Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on, volume 52, 2005.
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                 detector;International Linear Collider;Switcher
                 II;active pixel sensor;chip zero suppression;current
                 based readout chip;current memory cells;depleted field
                 effect transistor;internal gate;noise
                 performance;pedestal subtraction;prototype module;row
                 wise operation;signal charge;steering chips;thin
                 detectors;triggerless operation;Charge
                 consumption;FETs;Prototypes;Semiconductor device
                 measurement;Spatial resolution;Testing;Active pixel
                 sensor;CURO;DEPFET;International Linear Collider
                 (ILC);vertex detector",
  DOI =          "10.1109/TNS.2005.852719",
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