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Publikationen P.Fischer & Arbeitsgruppe

by Andricek L., Fischer P., Giesen F., Heinzinger K., Herrmann S., Herz D., Karagounis M., Kohrs R., Krüger H., Lechner P., Lutz G., Moser H. G., Perić I., Reuen L., Richter R. H., Sandow C., Schnecke M., Schopper F., Struder L., Törne E. von, Treis J., Trimpl M., Velthuis J., Wermes N. and Wolfel S.
The MOS-type DEPFET pixel sensor for the ILC environment (Andricek L., et al.), In Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 2005 IEEE, volume 1, 2005.
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  title =        "The {MOS-type} {DEPFET} pixel sensor for the {ILC}
  booktitle =    "Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 2005
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  volume =       "1",
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  month =        oct,
  doi =          "10.1109/NSSMIC.2005.1596212",
  ISSN =         "1095-7863",
  keywords =     "MOSFET;X-ray effects;gamma-ray effects;position
                 sensitive particle detectors;silicon radiation
                 detectors;ILC environment;International Linear
                 Collider;MOS-type {DEPFET} active pixel
                 sensors;beam-beam interactions;biasing
                 conditions;double metal/double poly technology;electron
                 pair production;hard X-ray irradiation;hard gamma ray
                 irradiation;ionizing radiation;linear MOS-type {DEPFET}
                 sensors;pixel array read out;positive oxide
                 charges;positron+electron pair background;threshold
                 voltage;ultrathin fully depleted sensors;vertex
                 radiation;Ionizing radiation sensors;MOS devices;Paper
                 technology;Sensor arrays;Threshold voltage;X-rays",

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