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Publikationen P.Fischer & Arbeitsgruppe

by Kraft E., Fischer P., Karagounis M., Koch M., Krueger H., Peric I, Wermes N., Herrmann C, Nascetti A., Overdick M and Ruetten W.
Counting and Integrating Readout for Direct Conversion X-ray Imaging: Concept, Realization and First Prototype Measurements (Kraft E., et al.), In Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on, volume 54, 2007.
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  keywords =     "X-ray imaging;current-mode circuits;current-mode
                 logic;feedback amplifiers;image sensors;photon
                 counting;X-ray imaging;charge integration;charge
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                 differential current mode logic;micrometer
                 technology;photon counting;pixel
                 electronics;semiconductor sensors;signal
                 processing;Biomedical equipment;Computed
                 tomography;Dynamic range;Image sensors;Medical
                 services;Optoelectronic and photonic
                 sensors;Pixel;Prototypes;Signal processing;X-ray
                 imaging;Direct conversion;X-ray imaging;semiconductor
                 sensors;single photon counting",

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