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Publikationen P. Fischer & Arbeitsgruppe

by Ritzert M., Fischer P., Mlotok V., Perić I., Piemonte C., Zorzi N., Schulz V., Solf T. and Thon A.
Compact SiPM based detector module for time-of-flight PET/MR (Ritzert M., et al.), In Real Time Conference, 2009. RT '09. 16th IEEE-NPSS, 2009.
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                 counters;ASIC control;FPGA;LYSO scintillator
                 block;PCB;SiPM based readout channels;application
                 specific integrated circuit;compact SiPM based detector
                 module;compact detector module;data
                 processing;digital-analog convertor;field programmable
                 gate array;gamma-light conversion;gamma-ray
                 detection;local voltage regulator;printed circuit
                 boards;readout ASIC;silicon
                 photomultiplier;simultaneous TOF PET-MR system;size 3.3
                 cm;time of flight PET-MR system;Application specific
                 integrated circuits;Data processing;Field programmable
                 gate arrays;Gamma ray detection;Gamma ray
                 detectors;Optical coupling;Positron emission
                 tomography;Process control;Regulators;Voltage control",

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