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Publikationen P.Fischer & Arbeitsgruppe

by Perić I., Armbruster T., Koch M., Kreidl C. and Fischer P.
DCD - The Multi-Channel Current-Mode ADC Chip for the Readout of DEPFET Pixel Detectors (Perić I., et al.), In Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on, volume 57, 2010.
Bibtex Entry:
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  keywords =     "analogue-digital conversion;nuclear
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                 detectors;readout electronics;semiconductor
                 counters;Belle II;CMOS technology;DEPFET particle
                 pixel-detectors;ILC;NMOS gate layouts;automated digital
                 error correction;conversion time;current-mode ADC
                 chip-prototype;current-mode memory cells;cyclic
                 ADC;drain current digitizer;high radiation
                 tolerance;high spatial resolution;multichannel
                 current-mode;radiation-hard circuits;signal-to-noise
                 ratio;signed-digit cyclic conversion;static power
                 consumption;vertex detectors;CMOS
                 technology;Detectors;Error correction;Noise
                 measurement;Semiconductor device measurement;Signal
                 processing;Signal resolution;Signal to noise
                 ratio;Spatial resolution;Time measurement;Belle
                 II;DEPFET detector;ILC;current copier;current-mode A/D
                 converter;current-mode memory cell;cyclic (algorithmic)
                 A/D converter;switched-current memory cell",

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