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by Schulz V., Weissler B., Gebhardt P., Solf T., Lerche C. W., Fischer P., Ritzert M., Mlotok V., Piemonte C., Goldschmidt B., Vandenberghe S., Salomon A., Schaeffter T. and Marsden P. K.
SiPM based preclinical PET/MR insert for a human 3T MR: first imaging experiments (Schulz V., et al.), In Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), 2011 IEEE, 2011.
Bibtex Entry:
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                 Vandenberghe and A. Salomon and T. Schaeffter and P. K.
  title =        "{SiPM} based preclinical {PET/MR} insert for a human
                 {3T} {MR}: first imaging experiments",
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  keywords =     "avalanche photodiodes;biomedical MRI;elemental
                 semiconductors;image enhancement;image
                 registration;medical image
                 emission tomography;silicon;silicon radiation
                 detectors;4D registration;MR-based attenuation
                 correction; MR-compatible PET detector
                 technology;MRI;SiPM based preclinical PET-MR
                 Insert;avalanche photodiode based detectors;clinical
                 PET-CT;enhanced image quality;functional
                 information;high quality clinical PET; human MR;human
                 system;image quantification;imaging experiment;magnetic
                 flux density 3 T;metabolic information;molecular
                 imaging;soft-tissue contrast;time of flight
                 information;Atomic measurements;Image
                 resolution;Positron emission tomography;Radio

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