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Cross-section of two flipchip bonded chips. 5 gold bumps are visible.

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Modern microelectronics allows for increasing complexity of functions realized with high-density integrated circuits. Beside fast digital functions, whole systems are intergrated on single chips. These can include sensors, analog amplifiers, filters, analog-digital converters etc. Without such chips and systems, which are highly optimized for a special task, many hardware projects are not realizable nowadays.

The Chair of Circuit Design, among other things, teaches technological basics and circuit aspects required for designs mixing digital and analog domains. An important basis for performant designs are exact understanding and accurate characterization of the basic building blocks and the parasitc effects in microchips. An essential Tool for prediction of circuit properties, beside mathematical modeling, is precise analog simulation. Complex, professional Design Software is used for implementation. The circle is closed by measuring real chip characteristics and comparing them with the expectations.

In cooperation with the Chair of Computer Architecture, the specialization 'Hardware Design' is provided.

Current research activities cover processing of sensor data, particularly for x-ray, light and charged particle detectors. Fields of application are research, as well as medical engineering and industrial applications.

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