Ongoing Research Projects

Overview of the most important projects

Chip- und system development for sensors and instruments :

  • Read-Out electronics for the DSSC detector at the European XFEL.
  • Large scale integrated circuits for PET. (industry partners) (More...)
  • Development of front-end electronics for CBM experiment at FAIR, GSI. (bmbf) (Mehr Infos...)
  • A modular and freely programmable system, as a steering platform for ASIC and discrete electronics development. (Mehr Infos...)

Grundlegende Schaltungsentwicklungen: (Mehr Infos...)

  • Strahlenharte Elektronik
  • Schnelle Schaltungen zur Zeitmessung
  • Differentielle, strombasierte Logik
  • Präzise, schnelle Stromspeicherzellen, ADCs
  • Transkonduktoren mit sehr kleinem gm, Filter mit niedriger Grenzfrequenz


completed research projects:

  • Chips for x-ray detection using hybrid pixel sensors. (More...)
  • Readout electronics for DEPFET sensors.
  • Development of a readout chip for the detection of x-ray photons on ESRF using a 2D APD matrix with time- and spatial resolution.
  • Development of a system for fast observation of cells within the project Viroquant.
  • Detector R&D for ILC particle accelerator. EUDET.
  • Protection of intellectual property: circuit design to generate secret token (german) (Mehr Infos...)
  • Research group - New Detectors for Scientific- and Medical Applications (More...)

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